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Michael "Link" Alvarado

CEO of Be Wise Inc. | CPO of Be Wise NYC

"Live in Wisdom on PURPOSE & Wisdom ON Purpose"

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About Link

Chaplain & Pastor Michael Alvarado, aka Prophet Link, known more personally by the populations he serves and serves with as "Link", professes and lives life abundantly as a bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ, a husband of one and a father of four. He received the revelation of Christ and salvation in December of 2006 at the age of 20 after very humble financial circumstances, despite the previous traumas in the form of violence.


By age 18, he suffered from being "shot, stabbed, head-cracked open, lungs punctured and nose all broken" and not necessarily in that order as he dictates in one of his verses. With the heart and mind of a creative, Prophet Link expresses his life experiences and testimony through music and poetry as a Christian Hip Hop Artist and CEO of Be Wise, Inc, which "is an artistry and brand that exemplifies making wise choices based on biblical principles" sharing "Wisdom On PURPOSE" and "Wisdom ON Purpose."

With a passion for advocacy and social entrepreneurship, Prophet Link operates as Chief Executive Officer of Be Wise Inc. & Chief Program Officer of Be Wise NYC: Nurture Your Community, seeking to serve families in urban communities, namely, within the New York City Housing Authority. He wears many other hats and holds various titles on boards, committees, and community groups, but the most significant to him is that of a servant. Exhortation and edification to the body of Christ and ministering the gospel to those who have yet to "taste and see that God is good" is his joy. You can hear it as it is expressed through his online presence on social media as an influencer and minister. 


Let's connect and serve our communities together.

Look Good, Feel Good, Live Good.


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