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Merchandising & Branding

Be Wise, Inc is excited to announce Tap2Connect merch fulfillment along with your personal brand/graphics/merchandise line(s). 

We have solidified a direct partnership with Digitize Your Brand ensuring that your brand(s), your client's brand(s), and/or organization's brand go to the next level utilizing Smart Merch Technology! 



Here's what we are offering:


FanBands- Merchandise with purpose 》full color, double-sided

Apparel- T-shirts, Hoodies, Crewnecks, Hats, more

Cut/Sew (custom apparel)- let's jump on the phone or a video call to discuss your vision and we can quote based on quantity and styles desired (mass production/bulk orders only).

Decoration- We can do basic decoration and add the Tap2Interact element inside screens, patches, labels, hang tags- the possibilities are practically endless!

Get consulted on a brand idea you have or get printed materials and merchandise at low-cost!

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