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Be Wise NYC: Nurture Your Community is a social impact initiative of Be Wise, Inc. and is driven by the passion to serve New York City and Newark, NJ by providing exceptional services to low and middle income families by culturally diverse staff and volunteers in collaboration with the surrounding community in order to help develop sociocultural and socioeconomically sustainable lives. We start the change by helping to restore families and community.

Be Wise NYC


Our Motivation

Be Wise NYC was founded by Chaplain Michael "Link" Alvarado, motivated by life experiences and a desire to see change within the community that raised him, and the populations that relate to him.

Our Method

Our approach is twofold: 


Evidence-Based Programming 

Our hybrid trauma-informed care is facilitated by culturally competent staff, volunteers, community partners, and peer advocates to  help equip individuals with the tools needed for empowerment.

We build and/or restore communities of influence from direct participants, their immediate families, peers, and extended members.

What We Offer

Our services include:​

  • Vocational & Educational Services 

  • Employment Services/Job Coaching 

  • Pro-social activities 

  • Support Service referrals including Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse & Misuse Counseling

  • (MHS) Life & Social-Skill building 

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring

  • Social Therapy

Who we help

Our services target:

  • At-risk/High-Risk youth.

  • Low to middle income families the Bronx, East Harlem, NY/Newark, NJ (including parents, youth and children).

  • English/Spanish/Creole/American Sign Language.

  • Single parents.

  • Adults/Adolescents transitioning back into society from the prison industrial complex/system

  • Co-parents (parents that may not be together but raise children together)

  • Parents/Couples

Book With Us Today

Interested in our program? Get in touch to learn more.

Co-Located at Co-Op City Educational Park Campus


750 Baychester Avenue,

3rd Floor (BHS)

Bronx, NY 10475


Write Your Way Out, Inc.

226 Soundview Avenue

Bronx, NY 10473

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